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So, I recently was made aware of an old postings by idieyoudie about pairing drinks with music. That seemed like an awesome idea and I couldn’t stop thinking – which song would fit the different Whiskys I got at home? It took me some, eh, research, but I finally arrived at five pairing which I’m rather happy with. So here is my late reply to Alex and Bruce.

Bowmore Black Rock + Subheim / Ybe 76blackrock_subheimYou can always taste the seaside in Bowmore Whiskys – that hint of salt beneath the smoke. The Black Rock is among the younger and less intense Bowmore bottlings, but has a very nice blend of that rough seaside and gentle hints of fruit and spice. Not the most exciting Whisky, but nicely comforting and mellow while still keeping a bit of that islay roughness. Which makes it a perfect match for Subheim who manages to pull of a similar harmonic blend of comforting (yet haunting) melodies against a hint of roughness in the background.


Bowmore Dusk + Einstürzene Neubauten / Sanddusk_neubautenAnother Bowmore Whisky, but with an unusual twist: The Bowmore Dusk spends some time aging in a Bordeaux wine cask, which gives him a reddish color and some unusual warm red wine notes along with the characteristic Bowmore seaside taste. It took me some time to find a song which matches this combination – after all, ‚warmth‘ is not usually an attribute associated with industrial music – but the Neubauten-cover of Nancy Sinatras Sand is just perfect.


Balvenie Double Wood + Die Form / Cantiquebalvenie_dieformThe Balvenie Double Wood is a Whisky with a more conventional finish, spending some years in a sherry cask. It is incredibly sweet and smooth without being sugary or flat. One of the most feminine and gentle Whiskys I know, but don’t be fooled by that – it is as mature and deep as any of the stronger malts. Which makes it a perfect match for Die Form during one of there smoother and more melodic moments.


Laphroaig Quarter Cask + iVardensphere / Black Lodge8_PAGE_SPREAD.inddYou need some powerful music to keep up with Laphroaig – one of the stronger islay Whiskys, with intense malt and smoke flavours. Yet in spite of all the intensity, the Quarter Cask is pleasantly rich and sensual – like iVardensphere during his best moments, it makes me think of some orgiastic Voodoo ceremony.


Dalmore Cigar Malt + Coil / The Dreamer is still asleepdalmore_coilThe Dalmore Cigar Malt is a great and complex Whisky. Though not very sweet, it tastes of toffee and caramelized orange, of clove and cinnamon. A lot of spices in every drop and though I loved it from the first sip I I never reached a point where I felt like I had completely figured out all the nuances. Which very well describes my relationship with Coil – the first and only band that came to my mind when trying to find a match for the Dalmore.

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