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This is not fucking 1977

Manchmal weiß man ganz genau, was man sagen will – aber während man sich noch den Kopf über das wie zerbricht, kommt jemand anders daher und bringt es auf den Punkt.
In diesem Fall Bruce & Alex von I Die : You Die, die mir in einer Folge ihres Podcasts aus der Seele sprechen.

It’s time for an end for controversy for controversies own sake. This scene has been engaging in it for a long-ass time and I’m tired of hearing people invoking Laibach to justify it, I’m tired of people flirting with fascist tropes without anything to back it up, I’m tired of people just trying to piss off the political correct police who are trying to push down their freedom of speech et cetera et cetera.

Industrial has a history of transgressive themes, and I am so on board with that, but fucking Genesis P-Orridge, and the rest of the TG people didn’t sit down to go „Hey, we just gonna do something shocking for its own sake.“ There was an artistry to what they did, because there was a meaning to what they did.

We’re not at a point in our discourse where there is any value in being shocking for its own sake. This is not fucking 1977 in the UK.

Und weil das den Nagel auf den Kopf trifft (und weil mir gerade etwas die Zeit fehlt, um selbst längere Beiträge zu verfassen), lasse ich das einfach mal so stehen.


Lest die Seite und hört den Podcast. Good stuff.